Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a purchase?

Lulu Fanatics does not actually sell any products — we are a comprehensive guide to all things Lululemon. Most people use Lulu Fanatics to help them identify pieces to resell or to discover new pieces to hunt down. Having a Lulu Fanatics account allows you to keep track of what’s in your closet by creating lists of items you already own, items you're in search of, and more.

I have a piece of Lululemon but don’t know the name of the item. Can you help me figure out what it is?

We don’t identify items directly, but our site was created to solve this exact problem! Most of the time, you can identify your item by browsing the categories or doing a keyword search and then filtering by color, pattern, material, etc. to narrow down the results.

I’ve looked everywhere but I still can’t find the item I’m trying to identify. Can you help?

While Lulu Fanatics is fairly comprehensive from 2011 onward, we have limited information on pieces from before then. If your item was a non-US release, we may not have it in our database either. Unfortunately, as a very small and super part-time team, our limited resources only allow us the time to dedicate to adding products at this point in time. When and if we grow, one of the first things we want to do is help our users identify their products.

Hey! You’re missing an item. How do I get you to add it to Lulu Fanatics?

We have a form where users can submit missing items here: Submit a Product

Keep in mind that item submissions must include actual photos — sorry but we can’t use screenshots! — as well as the actual item and color names. Any submissions missing any of that information will not be published.

I submitted an item to be added but it still hasn’t shown up. What gives?

We’re kind of sticklers for having accurate information — this is why Lulu Fanatics is such a reliable resource! If the item submission does not contain the actual item and color name, or the images submitted are low resolution/poor quality or are screenshots, we cannot publish the item submitted.

Where’s the men’s stuff?

Hang tight! We’re working on adding men’s and girl’s pieces (formerly Ivivva) at the moment. We expect to have men’s and girls’ products up by the end of the year.

I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still sign up?

At this point in time, accounts can only be created with a Facebook login. We hope to add the ability to create an account through other avenues at a later point in time.

I’m trying to sign up for an account but I’m having an issue. Can you help me?

Sure thing! Contact us below and we'll get things sorted out.

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