Hi, I’m Kym

I discovered Lululemon in 2009 and was immediately hooked. Since then, I’ve been keeping my athletic wardrobe fresh by regularly buying and selling Lululemon pieces. That means I’ve owned, sold, and seen a LOT of Lululemon come and go—and if you have a question about a particular Lululemon piece, I can probably answer it!

And I’m a Lulu Fanatic

In my own experience of buying and selling Lululemon, I’d often forget item names, patterns, etc., which was usually enough to deter me from finding or listing pieces. So I created Lulu Fanatics as resource and guide that both myself and others can use and refer to.

I’ve collected tons of information and pictures on thousands of Lululemon items, and cataloged them in one simple, searchable place. Have a favorite Lululemon color or print? Love a particular scarf or racerback? Now you can find every color, print, and material that’s ever been released using one handy database.

Browse by curated collections or by category, or just search for anything that comes to mind using the search bar in the top right. You can also use the filter bar to further refine what you’re looking at by color, material, pattern, and more.

I’m working hard to add new items to Lulu Fanatics every day, but feel free to get in touch if you think something’s missing. I’d also love to hear your feedback (good or bad), so don’t be shy.

Hopefully you’ll find Lulu Fanatics as helpful as I do for fueling your Lululemon obsession!